Organizing Junkie

Organizing Junkie is a website found at

Upon first glance, this site is overwhelming with many colors and shapes.  There are a lot of links and graphics on the home page that cluster the site.  However, the colors do create a happy and energetic feel.  There is a lot of text on the pages, and does not make me want to read the rest of the pages.

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Catholic Schools Diocese of Columbus

The Office of Catholic Schools Diocese website can be found at

This site has a very simple homepage.  The pictures on the homepage lack visual appeal and the site doesn’t provide a direction for your eyes to follow.  Navigation seems simple and easy to manage, however, the individual site pages do not resemble each other.  They do not each maintain a consistent color scheme.  The colors are representative of the Catholic colors.  Overall this page seems like an effective website but could employ further design principles.

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Mount Carmel College of Nursing

The Mount Carmel College of Nursing website can be found at

This website has a very appealing look.  The calming combination of colors portray a sense of comfort and care.  Navigation is very simply laid out, with sub-navigation for each tab.  The picture at the top of the home page forms a visual hierarchy.  Every page within the site has the same visual hierarchy established with a large picture spanning the top of the page.  I really like how the picture at the top of each page is also enlarged as part of the background of the page.

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Buckeye Catholic

The web page of the St. Thomas Moore Newman Center is creative and catches the eye.  The visual hierarchy is well developed, with the line of people across the middle of the page.  Navigation is well organized and it is relatively easy to find various pages.  The site maintains a very clean, crisp look, employing lots of white space.  I like the color choices, embracing the Ohio State colors.  The home page is very eye appealing and does not have any text besides navigation.  This is refreshing and clean looking.  Visit the Newman Center website at

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Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio, found at, has a wonderfully efficient and navigable site.  The site is straight forward and simple with clear navigation and basic titles for windows and tabs.  The advertisement on the side of the page certainly grabs the attention of the viewers eye, but it does not take over the page or dominate the effectiveness of the site.  Pandora walks you through the process of setting up a personal radio station and uses few words to get the point across.

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FCCLA Website

The website for the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) can be found at  The website appears cluttered upon first glance, and though visual hierarchy is established, with the picture of the officer team at the top of the home page, it is still hard to know where your eye should look first.  The mission is written at the top of the page and appears very wordy and confusing when you are quickly looking through the site.

The site’s color coordination seems well planned, and it is a well organized site overall.  The home page has three symmetrical columns down the entire page, and is therefore well balanced.  The FCCLA site maintains a consistent header throughout the site, no matter on which link you click.  This helps the audience know they are still on the FCCLA web page.  Overall, the FCCLA website is well done, but could establish better visual hierarchy and eliminate wordiness to create a more simple and inviting page.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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