Buckeye Catholic

The web page of the St. Thomas Moore Newman Center is creative and catches the eye.  The visual hierarchy is well developed, with the line of people across the middle of the page.  Navigation is well organized and it is relatively easy to find various pages.  The site maintains a very clean, crisp look, employing lots of white space.  I like the color choices, embracing the Ohio State colors.  The home page is very eye appealing and does not have any text besides navigation.  This is refreshing and clean looking.  Visit the Newman Center website at http://buckeyecatholic.com/

About emilykay99

Studying at The Ohio State University in the field of Agriculture Communications, I am learning how to become a young professional and how to use each day to it's fullest potential. Balancing school with work, extracurricular activities, family and friends, exercise, and what I would like to call my sanity time (God time) has been the biggest challenge of college life. I am a passionate advocate for agriculture, otherwise known as an agvocate, and am excited to become deeper involved in the ag community as my career develops.
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